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Super Snouts

Super Snouts G.I. Balance

Super Snouts G.I. Balance

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Pumpkin is one of the most nutritious fruits on Earth! Pumpkin is low in fat and rich in immune boosting nutrients such as Alpha and Beta Carotenes, Fiber, Vitamins C, E, K, Potassium, Magnesium and Pantothenic Acid. Pumpkins are also high in iron, making them excellent to support your dog’s blood cell system.

Apple Fiber/Pectin is an excellent source of vitamin C and Potassium. Apple fiber is a soluble fiber that works to support and maintain lower bowel function. Apple fiber maintains healthy intestinal balance by cleansing the intestinal tract like a little broom, ridding it of buildup and unhealthy toxins.

Fennel has a wide range of properties that make it excellent in supporting digestive tract health. Fennel Seeds contain a plethora of minerals, phytoestrogens and phytonutrients. Fennel also contain numerous essential oil compounds which promote healthy digestion and has the natural carminative properties that may assist with occasional gastric distress.

Organic Agave Inulin is the food for the good tummy bugs. Inulin is an organic prebiotic fiber, also known as a fructan. It is made up of long and short chains of oligosaccharides and polysaccharides. The AGAVE plant contains the highest amount of inulin… a whopping 38 percent in comparison with Chicory Root (the most commercially viable) only contains 15 percent.

Organic Ginger supports upset and nervous tummies due to environmental stress or changes in diet.

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